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What 3 Words

From runners and cyclists to photographers and birdwatchers, communities across the UK are using what3words to find and share their favourite spots. Here are some popular ways they use what3words:

Cyclists are organising meeting points

‘I’ve used what3words to help arrange meeting points with other cyclists for group rides. We save and share where we are planning to meet with the free app. If we want to take a break at a lovely viewpoint, we can share the new meeting point to bring everyone together’

– Becky Gribble, cyclist.

The 'What 3 Words' for the start of the Castles Bike ride event on Sunday 4 June 2023 is

Jeremy, farmer

‘Postcodes have always been useless for us. If you’re in the middle of a field, it’s no use if the postcode takes you to the nearest house. That’s why we use what3words.’

Never get lost again

With the what3words app, it’s easy to find, share and save precise locations.

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